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Archives + Affect at the Radical Archives conference

The Archives + Affect strand at the conference includes:

KEYNOTE by Ann Cvetkovich (An Archive of Feelings), Saturday 4/12 at 10 am (Cantor 101)


Her Body is an Archive: Julie Tolentino's The Sky Remains the Same,’ with Tara Hart, Debra Levine, and Julie Tolentino on Friday 4/11 at 11:05 (Cantor 102)

Queering Archives with Kate Eichhorn, Kwame Holmes, Daniel Marshall, David Serlin & Zeb Tortorici, Saturday 4/12 at 12:10 pm (Cantor 102)

A Roundtable on Lesbian Archives with Robin Bernstein, Ellen Gruber-Garvey, Brenda Marston, Lisa Merrill, Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Jenn Tyburczy, and Sara Warner. Saturday 5:10-6:20 (Cantor 102).


There Is Another History, curated + presented by Laura Guy and Charlotte Procter, with Lisa Steele's Birthday Suit With Scars and Defects (1974, 11 mins), Jo Spence's Face Value (1981, 20 mins), Leah Gilliam's Now Pretend (1991, 10 mins), Vivienne Dick's Visibility: Moderate (1981, 15 min excerpt), and Ronna Bloom's I Feel Hopeful About the Future (1986, 20 mins). Saturday 6:05-7:20 (Cantor 101).


(re)Defining 'Archivist' by Joyce LeeAnn and Remembering as Archive: Fading Memories and the Joy of Forgetting (Nicolas Dumit Estevez recalls Nocturns for the last time), Friday at 6:45 pm (Cantor 102)

Office of Blame Accountability (Geoff Cunningham & Carla Repice), 10 am to 6 pm Friday (A/P/A Institute gallery)

Archiving the Now (Chloe Bass, Lital Dolan, Esther Neff, Dave Ruder and Woody Leslie), periodically from 11 am to 6 pm Saturday (A/P/A Institute gallery)

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Posted by mariam on 2014-04-08 00:07:03