Radical Archives is an online companion to the April 2014 conference at NYU, organized by Mariam Ghani and Chitra Ganesh of Index of the Disappeared and presented by NYU's Asian/Pacific/American Institute as part of our 2013-14 residency at A/P/A. The conference is co-sponsored by NYU's History Department, Moving Image Archive Program, and Archives and Public History Program, along with the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, the Asia Art Archive, and media partner Creative Time Reports. Special thanks to Amita Manghnani of A/P/A (without whom the conference would never have happened at all), to our advisory committee, to everyone who generously participated in the fall working group to develop the call for proposals, and to Oraison H. Larmon and Marlène Ramírez-Cancio of the Hemispheric Institute for their curatorial input and general advice for the conference's performance program.

Like the conference, this site is organized around the notion of archiving as a radical practice, by which we mean: archives of radical politics and practices; archives that are radical in form or function; moments or contexts in which archiving in itself becomes a radical act; and considerations of how archives can be active in the present, as well as documents of the past and scripts for the future.

Also like the conference, the site is organized around four threads of radical archival practice: Archives and Absence, or lost and counter-archives; Archives and Affect, or embodied archives; Archives and Ethics, or stealing from and for archives; and Archive as Constellation, or archive as method, medium, and interface.

The site includes contributions from conference participants, and also highlights curated papers and projects by other artists, archivists, activists and scholars working in the field. It was built by Mariam Ghani and Edward Potter with open-source tools and some customized code (feel free to fork). The photos used in the interface were all shot by Mariam at NYU's Bobst Library and can be re-used under a CC by-nc-sa license.

Our hope is that the site will serve as a resource for teaching, research and networking. If you have questions or want to track down additional materials, email RA [at] radicalarchives [dot] net.